Although my best friend and I are a lot alike in a lot of ways, there is one major difference between us.  She’s quiet.  And I’m….not.  Ha!  Okay, I’m really not quiet!  I’m a boisterous, hi I’m here, let’s talk kind of woman.  In fact, from the outward appearance, we seem so different that many folks are shocked that we’re friends.  But, we’re not gonna talk about differences or outward appearances….we’re gonna talk about quietness.

My sweet friend is often so quiet that she can be overlooked.  I’m sure you all know someone like that.  They don’t speak up and out so you assume everything’s fine…whether it is or not.  She recently told me about an incident where she tried to talk to someone and they didn’t respond.  She assumed it wasn’t interesting enough.  I’m guessing it’s because she’s so soft-spoken.  Possibly the people didn’t hear her.  Well, I’m going to go with probably.  Probably they didn’t hear her.  I had to learn early in our friendship to listen.  She’s soft-spoken and not always direct.  We taught together and it took me weeks to learn that “the way I do it is…” really meant “you’re really messing this up and my way is WAY easier if you’d just pay attention!”  I’m not always good at it, but I’ve tried to learn to listen for her soft voice and pay attention to her advice.

Which reminds me of Another that often speaks to us in a soft voice.  In I Kings 19, we read about Elijah.  He was a mighty man of God.  God used him to end the drought and prove to the people that He alone was God, not Baal.  But, Elijah was running scared from Jezebel.  She was not a happy woman when all her prophets were killed and Baal was shown to be fake.  So, she told Elijah she was going to kill him.  And Elijah believed her and went into hiding.  After sending His angel to minister to Elijah and letting him rest, God spoke.  In verses 11 and 12, we read that a mighty wind came by, an earthquake rattled the mountain and a fire after that, but God was in none of those.  At the end of verse 12, we read “and after the fire a still small voice.”  (King James 2000)

God was that still small voice.  He had gotten Elijah’s attention with all the other stuff, now He was ready to speak.  What He said isn’t important for our purposes right now.  The point is that sometimes, as Christians, we’re waiting for a mighty wind or an earthquake, when God simply wants to quietly speak to our hearts.  And we have to learn to listen, to pay attention.

What about you?  Have you been waiting for God to speak?  Are you in the middle of winds or earthquakes or fires?  Or relationship issues, financial woes, family problems?  Wait, this too will pass.  Then, be still and listen.  The God of Elijah wants to speak to you in that same still small voice.  “Be still and know that I am God;” Psalm 46:10, NIV.

Be blessed and tell someone you love them!


About meanderingswithgod

I Write. It’s what I do. It’s as vital a part of me as breathing. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad. I write when I don’t understand. Or when I understand a little too clearly. I write when God’s speaking to me. And when I’m speaking to Him. And, more often than not, it comes out in rhythm and rhyme. In my words, you’ll find laughter and tears, pain and triumph, confusion and clarity. In my words, if you bother to search, you’ll find me. So, it is with both excitement and trepidation that I begin. This blog. This writing that’s been so long coming. My words. God’s words. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Mine are clumsy, His are eloquent. I hope, as you read my verbal meanderings, that you’ll be blessed and find yourself searching for Him.
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2 Responses to Quiet

  1. mellysue418 says:

    hey like your blog,this was good,I just wrote about that same scripture!! here is my blog post:http://thiswillpasstoo.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/a-still-small-voice-are-we-really-listening/

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