A few weeks ago, I took the short walk up the sidewalk at work to make a Bojangles run.  Like many fast food joints, one of the doors to the dining area opens directly into the path of the drive-thru lane.  Everyone who goes through a drive-thru knows this fact and is expected to go slowly and watch for people.  As I stepped out, I was almost hit by a woman who apparently was in a pretty big hurry to bite into her chicken sammich.  I quickly stepped back and let her pass.  She waved (which, of course, completely makes up for the fact that she almost flattened me) and went on.  As she turned, I could clearly see her license plate.  It said, “IGETZMYN.”  I gets mine.  Yes, I thought, I bet you do.  In that instant, it occurred to me that this was our problem – in homes, schools, churches, communities, our country….our world.  No, not that one woman, but the attitude that her vanity plate displayed.

For a while, WWJD bracelets were popular.  What Would Jesus Do?  Can you imagine the world we’d live in if we truly practiced that?  Even if only those of us who thinks it’s a fantastic idea practiced it?  Sadly, most folks….yes, even Christians….are too selfish.  Oooh….that’s an offensive word these days, isn’t it?  But, look at it.  Selfishness is the root of much of what is wrong.  “My four and no more.”  “It’s all about me.”  “Gotta take care of number 1.”  Okay, I get it.  I really, really do.  If you don’t take care of yourself, chances are you may end up at the back of the pack or by the wayside.  But, I have a newsflash for you…don’t hate me for speaking truth…..that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

Romans 12:10 says, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor;” NASB.  Hmmmm…..that doesn’t say, “take care of yourself.”  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever found a verse that says you should put yourself first – that place belongs to God – or even second.  Does, “love your neighbor as yourself,” ring a bell with anyone?  I’ve heard it say more than once that true JOY comes when you follow this guidline….J-Jesus, O-Others, Y-Yourself. 

At this point, I hope you’re questioning yourself.  I hope you’re asking yourself if you are living the way God wants you to, if you’re reaching out to others more than reaching in for yourself.  And you may be asking if I’m good at the JOY thing.  Well, I’m human.  Sometimes I do better than others.  But, I can tell you that the desire of my heart is to please the Lord and I’ve found that when I help others and put others first, He always takes WAY better care of me than I can take care of yourself.

So.  Go ahead….try it.  Burn your “It’s all about ME!” t-shirt!  Get rid of your, “IGETZMYN” tag.  Do something, in secret, for someone who can never return it….and make it a regular habit….in the name of Jesus, of course.  Seriously, give it a try, you may be surprised.

Be blessed and tell someone you love them!

Oh yeah….one more verse….“Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure– pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”  NASB.  Do you really want to receive what you offer others???


About meanderingswithgod

I Write. It’s what I do. It’s as vital a part of me as breathing. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad. I write when I don’t understand. Or when I understand a little too clearly. I write when God’s speaking to me. And when I’m speaking to Him. And, more often than not, it comes out in rhythm and rhyme. In my words, you’ll find laughter and tears, pain and triumph, confusion and clarity. In my words, if you bother to search, you’ll find me. So, it is with both excitement and trepidation that I begin. This blog. This writing that’s been so long coming. My words. God’s words. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Mine are clumsy, His are eloquent. I hope, as you read my verbal meanderings, that you’ll be blessed and find yourself searching for Him.
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